Electronic Press Kit

“Eruptive hardcore thrash more preoccupied with ideological venting than musical friction.” – The Auricular (26 November 2018)

Skumboyz is a Virginia-based Hardcore Punk band featuring Jake Skum (Vocals), Julius Seizure (Guitar), Kris Dickless (Bass), and Maxwell Murder (Drums). The band was formed in Fredericksburg on 19th November 2015, and in June 2016 relocated to Richmond with the formation of the current lineup. Skumboyz has, in these three years since contributed to several compilation albums, self-released two demos, opened for D.R.I. and the Cro Mags, helped establish a local festival known as Snot Fest, performed alongside Cannabis Corpse at the third annual Snot Fest, self released an LP and two singles, and played shows with many well known regional acts (including Bust Off., Savage Remains, Misled Youth, U.S. Bastards, Copstabber, and more).