Underage Thinking

Richmond, VA (19 November 2018)Are you guilty? It’s out, it’s finally out. After months of waiting, we are proud to present our debut LP, Underage Thinking. We want to thank everyone who helped make this album a possibility, especially Webber from Cremains, who did all the recording, mixing, and mastering. And who could forget R Adrian Monaco who drew our amazing artwork.

We previously released two singles (Who Do You Think You Are? and Blotter) to promote this album, as well as a music video for No Cops On The Moon. We’re currently working on another video for our song, Into The Badlands.

Hello MTV!

You can grab your own physical copy of the album for like $10 from our dangerously under-stocked online merch table, and eventually on the shelves of local low-brow record stores that would carry this sort of filth. Otherwise, you can buy the album digitally from Bandcamp and other major online retailers. Prices range from $7 (on Bandcamp) to whatever iTunes is charging these days.

ABOUT US: Skumboyz is a Virginia-based Hardcore Punk/Crossover Thrash band formed in November 2015. Originally from Fredericksburg, VA, the group now rehearses in Richmond, VA. It features Jake Skum on vocals, Julius Seizure on guitar, Kris Dickless on bass, and Maxwell Murder on drums. Influenced by a slew of old school Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal, these boyz play fast.

540-300-7586 · booking@skumboyz.com · press@skumboyz.com


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