Who Do You Think You Are?

Fredericksburg, VA (3 October 2018) — You gonna tell me? We would like to proudly announce release of our first single, Who Do You Think You Are?, from our upcoming LP: Underage Thinking. Another single is going to follow before we release the album in its entirety, so keep your ears peeled.

You’ll be able to buy the track on all major digital retailers shortly, but to get the alternate version of the song featured on the B-side as well, you’ll have to check out our Bandcamp or Soundcloud. We also want to give a special thanks to Ellen Lee for doing the amazing cover art for this release. Stay tuned.

ABOUT US: Skumboyz is a Virginia-based Hardcore Punk/Crossover Thrash band formed in November 2015. Originally from Fredericksburg, VA, the group now rehearses in Richmond, VA. It features Jake Skum on vocals, Julius Seizure on guitar, Kris Dickless on bass, and Maxwell Murder on drums. Influenced by a slew of old school Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal, these boyz play fast.

540-300-7586 · booking@skumboyz.com · press@skumboyz.com

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