Underage Thinking Announcement

Fredericksburg, VA (21 May 2018) — After a long wait it’s finally coming… soon. With the completion of recording as of yesterday, we would like to officially announce our debut album, “Underage Thinking”. It will be released within the coming months, so keep your ears peeled for that! Once it’s out, you’ll be able to download it directly from our Bandcamp, or purchase it from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc.

We’d like to thank Webber from Cremains for taking on the role of Engineer/Producer/Pizza Orderer for this album. We couldn’t be doing this without you. We’d also like to thank all the nice folks over at Tired And Pissed Records for helping us distribute the album across the vast internet.

We’ll also be releasing two singles before the album’s release. You’ll be able to hear them various places, with more information about the album coming when they drop. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and pretty much everywhere else, in order to stay up to date!




ABOUT US: Skumboyz is a Virginia-based Hardcore Punk/Crossover Thrash band formed in November 2015. Originally from Fredericksburg, VA, the group now rehearses in Richmond, VA. It features Jake Skum on vocals, Julius Seizure on guitar, Kris Dickless on bass, and Maxwell Murder on drums. Influenced by a slew of old school Hardcore Punk and Heavy Metal, these boyz play fast.

540-300-7586 · booking@skumboyz.com · press@skumboyz.com

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